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Communications Officer

Keen to communicate? Share news and information regarding Oxford Pride as well as the national and global Pride movement that may be of interest to our Community to our members and followers.


Oxford, Oxfordshire

working hours


Voluntary unpaid

Expenses only

What will I be doing?

  • Oversee the Oxford Pride social media accounts (including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter/X) throughout the year, including writing content for posts and responding to queries from the public (in liaison with the Directors and Accessibility Officer).
  • Act as a single point of contact for all media enquiries, ensuring to receive agreement on the content of outgoing communications with Directors where required.
  • Write and send press releases to raise awareness of Oxford Pride news and events, in online and print media, radio, TV, etc. (in liaison with the Team)
  • Liaise with the Creative Officer for visuals (design and/or photographs)
  • Provide ‘live’ social media content on Parade Day, with regular updates about ongoing events.
  • Externally present a unified message in relation to the decisions of Oxford Pride.
  • Coordinate content from the Management Committee and publish a regular Newsletter.

What do I need?

Enthusiasm for social media, being able to increase followers and engagement with well-written, informative, and entertaining posts.

The benefits:

How do I apply for the role?

If you are interested in applying for a role, get in touch to discuss your ideas and experience for this role – we’d love to hear from you and meet you too! To stand for any vacant position you need to become a member of Oxford Pride. To become a member of Oxford Pride Group, please complete our membership form:

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