At an Extraordinary General Meeting on 15 August 2023, a special resolution was passed to update the Articles of Association which had previously been formally accepted by Companies House in 2012. Oxford Pride Group Ltd is governed by two documents; Articles of Association which incorporates the Memorandum of Association; and Policy, Organisation & Rules (the Bylaws also known as PORs).

Charitable Objectives

Oxford Pride exists to promote equity and diversity, advance education and eliminate discrimination in relation to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual people plus those of other sexual orientations, gender identities or expression, and sex characteristics (LGBTQIA+), in particular but not exclusively, those resident in Oxford or Oxfordshire, for the benefit of the public by raising awareness of issues affecting these persons, in particular by producing and promoting regular events, including an annual LGBTQIA+ festival, and making grants and/or donations to other charitable and voluntary organisations, with the object of developing an environment in favour of LGBTQIA+ equity by providing information, entertainment and support.

Articles of Association

Last updated 20 November 2012 

This document sets out the powers of the company, the directors, and many other aspects which are governed by the laws of England & Wales. This document is available for download.

Policy, Organisation & Rules

Last updated August 2023 

This document sets out important items from the Articles of Association which are deemed important to day-to-day business, this document also incorporates the structure of the organisation and details all regulations for finance, volunteer conduct, appointments, etc. This document is available for download.

Organisation Structure

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