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Oxford Pride Welcomes Oxford United Football Club as Proud Sponsor

Oxford Pride is delighted to announce Oxford United Football Club as its newest sponsor, marking a significant milestone in promoting LGBTQIA+ visibility and inclusion within professional football.

In the wake of the formation of Proud Yellows, an LGBTQIA+ supporters group dedicated to fostering diversity and acceptance within the football community, Oxford United has demonstrated its unwavering support by partnering with Oxford Pride in the lead-up to the highly anticipated Oxford Pride celebration on Saturday, June 8th.

The sponsorship agreement between Oxford Pride and Oxford United Football Club signifies a shared commitment to creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals in sports. By aligning themselves with Oxford Pride, the club showcases its dedication to championing diversity and equality both on and off the field.

Rob Jordan, Chair of Oxford Pride, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating: “We are thrilled to welcome Oxford United Football Club as a proud sponsor of Oxford Pride. This collaboration underscores the importance of LGBTQIA+ visibility in professional football and sends a powerful message of acceptance and support to LGBTQIA+ fans and athletes alike. Together, we will continue to challenge stereotypes and advocate for a more inclusive sporting culture.”

The formation of Proud Yellows serves as a testament to the growing momentum for LGBTQIA+ representation in football, providing a platform for supporters to come together and advocate for change. It is crucial to recognise the significance of LGBTQIA+ visibility in professional football, where the influence of clubs and sponsors can shape societal perceptions and attitudes towards diversity and acceptance.

Through this sponsorship, Oxford United Football Club reaffirms its commitment to standing in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ communities, fostering a safe and inclusive space for all individuals to enjoy the beautiful game without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

As Oxford Pride and Oxford United Football Club embark on this exciting partnership, they invite fans, supporters, and allies alike to join them in celebrating diversity, equality, and the transformative power of sport to unite us all.

Oxford United Football Club

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