Westgate Leiden Square Stage

Oxford Pride presents

Community Stage Artist Lineup

Nicolas Hoare (12:00 - 12:20)
Nicolas Hoare, an original Manchester Drag King and one of the UK’s most established, merges powerful rock vocals with observational comedy, character acting, and ventriloquism in his performances.
PJ Taylor (12:25 - 12:45)
PJ Taylor, also known as Paul James Taylor, is a talented LGBTQIA+ singer-songwriter renowned for his captivating performances. With two albums under his belt, PJ has achieved success on the LGBTQ Music Charts, including three number one hits.
Charlie Bennet (12:50 - 13:20)

Charlie Bennett, a talented singer-songwriter from the UK, is recognised for his distinctive DIY/bedroom pop style. Bennett’s rise to fame occurred with the viral success of his fourth single, “Is This Falling?”, which garnered millions of streams. 

Woseley (13:25 - 13:45 )
Woseley, a rising UK singer-songwriter, crafts a captivating blend of contemporary R&B with synth-pop elements. Growing up in Wolverhampton, music served as his primary outlet for creative expression
Alan Asound (13:55 - 14:15)

AlanAsound is a non-binary singer-songwriter/performer based in Brighton. Their pop music is characterised by its cheeky and catchy nature, while their performances are glittery and entertaining, showcasing their ability to engage with the audience.

Funkinsteins (14:20 - 14:40)
The Funkinsteins, a funk band hailing from Bristol, are celebrated for their electrifying live shows and vibrant stage presence. Led by women vocalists Sal and Al, accompanied by JC on drums, their performances feature captivating vocals, dynamic guitar riffs, and groovy basslines.
Henry VIII (14:45 - 15:00)
Hannah Clift, portraying Henry VIII, won the prestigious Next Hot Spud award from the Oxford Drag Collective. Known for her unconventional and delightful performance style, she skillfully embodies the persona of King Henry VIII in her Drag King comedy act.
Telephone Tag (15:05 - 15:25)

Telephone Tag, an American duo consisting of singer/guitarist Ryan Jacob Doyle and violinist/singer Lena Pasqualetti, is set to embark on their 2024 Summer Tour in Europe. Combining elements of pop and rock with a touch of romance, Telephone Tag offers an energetic and captivating musical experience.

HayLee Duo (15:30 - 15:50)
Haylee is a dynamic acoustic duo comprising talented female singers/guitarists/pianists, Hayley and Lee, who joined forces in early 2023 to form the duo. They specialise in performing a diverse repertoire of pop, soul, and soft rock songs, ranging from classics to current radio hits.
Freddie Joon
Freddie Joon (15:55 - 16:15)
Freddie Joon is an energetic EDM-pop artist renowned for her infectious dance backbeats, electric guitar riffs, and catchy melodies, establishing herself as a standout in the music industry. Her music has garnered over 17 million streams and has been prominently featured on playlists like New Music Friday.
Glamorous Karaoke Winner (16:20 - 16:35)

Details to be announced soon. Stay tuned 🙂

Miss Bridy and the Two Notes (16:40 - 17:00)
Miss Bridy, Jason, and Penny form a vibrant rock/pop Drag Queen cabaret act hailing from Swindon. Their performances feature covers of beloved songs from various decades, promising a lively and entertaining experience.
Oxford Drag Collective - Headline Act (17:05 - 18:00)
Founded in 2018 by Ginger Tart, the Oxford Drag Collective is a dynamic group of drag performers from Oxford known for their originality and inclusivity. They provide a supportive space for local artists to explore and develop their craft, contributing to the thriving Oxford drag scene.
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